Ruth Riffe, Paul Humphrey & Half Dome

Ruth Riffe, Paul Humphrey & Half Dome
Ruth Riffe, Paul Humphrey & Half Dome

Monday, November 1, 2010

Super Topo Thread review: Aug. 26 & Sept. 16, 2010

I am posting old Melanoma related posts from another site.

Topic Author's Reply - Aug 26, 2010 - 07:47am PT

Had a rough few past days. Infection in the lymph nodes is causing more swelling and gnarly pain in my leg. Bought some expensive compression tights. Look like a sexually ambivilent superhero, but they help.


Disaster Master

Sport climber
Arcata / Santa Rosa, CA Topic Author's Reply - Sep 16, 2010 - 05:34pm PT
Got a few e mails asking if I am still alive.


Just kidding. Yes, I am.

Hard month. The cancer is growing fast, and I feel tht it will be hard for me to actually climb by the time I get to rock!

I have swelling and pain in my right leg. My balls are swelling, at last, but not in a good way. And my energy is tanked.

I got biopsied today to see if I am a BRAF mutant. (Thanks Gunkie for the heads up, thats the drug I'm trying for.)If I am a mutant, I will get a new drug that had good potential. If i'm not, Bye-bye.

Freinds lent us a cabin in Wawona for the next week. I will get to rock,cane inhand or on my hands and knees, damn it!

then Sushi-fest in IC.

Lots of typos, to tired to care. Props to all still attempting to pull down.

SuperCrack or die!

...or Supercrack and then die!

Either way, I am f-ing going climbing.

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